Philipe Dorion is a writer who is providing Updates that I am calling ‘PROGRESS REPORTS’ for my Project. These Progress Reports are about the Virtual Reality side of things. i.e., progress towards full immersion Virtual Reality that incorporates all five senses. But Philipe is not just technologically savvy. He also has a spiritual side due to experiencing what he himself describes as “A spiritually transformative experience”. I checked with Philipe that the experience was “more real than real”… and he confirmed that it was experienced as more real than real. For that reason I am going to copy/paste his experience here as it seems only right to include an example of an NDE-like experience on this website. And its also appropriate that it the example is from someone linked to the project.

Philipe writes…

“I was feeling mentally tired and I can’t recall if it was late at night or during the evening. It was in mid November of 2008 and the sun goes down early in Montreal, at about 6pm. So I’m not sure what time it was. But I turned the lights off and it was “dark”. I was amazed at what I was witnessing. Swishes of colour in my vision, beautiful patterns all very cartoon- like… I remembered a drawing on the wall, and it was bothering me for a second. It was a cartoon like drawing of a fat lady, very animate. I know, seems strange but at the time it was a strong feeling of having to interact. Then I felt empathy and kindness towards it and I started feeling better. That’s my reaction to allot of situations apparently. Empathy is one of my core values. After that it was suddenly pitch black. I couldn’t see a thing. A dark void. I wasn’t in bed anymore, I didn’t expect falling asleep, all that happened was: I stayed awake, in my dreams. That is called a lucid dream. But then, strange things happened. It was no ordinary lucid dream. I started noticing there were beings around me, they were cloudy, yet they were lit up with light and some colours. Just enough dim light to see them in the dark void. They swarmed around, floating, and some had confused expressions, others looked more informed. That’s when I decided I had to react or do something. I smiled at them to see if they would notice me, then everything changed. The dark void with the floating beings suddenly vanished and I was going warp speed through the cosmos. I’m guessing if I had been a spaceship I would have been traveling faster than light! I was heading towards a bright dot at the end. I wasn’t too comfortable about the idea of going that fast but I remember thinking it was beautiful and fun. It was a very defined, very clear experience, clearer than earthly every day reality. There were stars on all sides passing by me and I was heading straight into a light. At some point, the stars were passing by so fast as I was bolting and accelerating, that they just looked like some kind of tunnel. I finally got to the light, but before entering I remember how vast it was on all sides. It looked infinite. And when I entered, I “merged”. I found myself being one with another mind -that’s how it felt. There was a presence. I was an atheist at the time, now, after this experience, I am spiritual and i don’t necessarily believe in the same concept of God as most religions portray it. An arch appeared ahead of me. It was distant, and I was approaching. I had no body. I was a part of this light. There were leaves and flowers growing over the arch. And it was lovely. I remember the sound of some kind of perfect digital string instrument. Those musical notes came from everywhere, even from above and below! After this experience I started using terms associated with the experience I wouldn’t use now. For example, I used to say “there was a Goddess being” and stuff like that… Now, I know the being in the light was only an extension of myself. As soon as I went through the arch there was this being, with multiple arms, and I thought it was female because I associated it with a Hindu Goddess. I did plenty of soul searching after the experience. But when I talked about it, I wouldn’t get a very good response from people. “A goddess? Phil you were hallucinating…” etc…”
I chatted abit with Philipe about this after he sent me it. See below:
Paul: Its all so amazing… that these experiences are not only more real than real but others have the same experience, lending validity to them.
Paul: You write “But when I talked about it, I wouldn’t get a very good response from people. “A goddess? Phil you were hallucinating…” etc…” … However, while I do not know what the beings seen in these experiences equate to, I doubt very much indeed that those sceptics who confront you have the foggiest idea about what you experienced. So, I say nothing about the Goddess part of it.
Philipe: It’s not a problem, rare drug experiences sometimes lead to extremely positive spiritual transformations.
And I was in a critical state.
I wasn’t drinking water or eating food for days before it happened perhaps a link with fasting here
Paul: The problem with talking about the experience from within our familiar everyday environment… is that if we interpret it we act differently than we would if we were experiencing the power of it right now. So when I write about what I experienced I just say it as it felt at the time. Its like the “NOW” state (i.e., right here right now) is Incommensurable to the “OTHERWORLDLY” state… and vice versa.
The right here right now Me would want to act like a reporter in the otherworldly state. But when in the otherwordly state you realise the magnitude of the situation you are in. Everything else is irrelevant…. as you will know better than almost anyone.

[You said] “I wasn’t drinking water or eating food for days before it happened perhaps a link with fasting here”… maybe because your mind had to get out of your body/brain.
Philipe: [I call it a] Spiritually Transformative Experience.

It’s a broader term [than NDE] that includes meditation experiences and other rare drug interactions
drug induced experiences that are extremely rare
perhaps the brain thinks it’s dying.
Paul: “Perhaps the brain thinks it’s dying”… and then some type of archetypal experience occurs.